What does Medlinks Cost Containment Inc. do?

Since 1997, Medlinks has been involved in the healthcare industry as an expert in the area of hospital defense auditing. This includes commercial reviews, DRG, coding and billing, and RAC reviews. Our specialty is the complete outsourcing of hospitals audit department needs. We also do:


Clinical Appeals

Defense Auditing

Payment Integrity Services


Release of Information

Contract Negotiation Consultation

Comprehensive Audit Policy

Call Center


What industries do specialize in?

Medlinks specializes in the healthcare industry. Medlinks has worked for hospitals, payers, self-pay insurers, physician practices, chiropractors, and any other specialty within the healthcare industry. Our specialty is helping you contain costs within your practice. Medlinks also provides staffing for:

Financial Institutions

Business Offices

Information Technology

Executive Recruitment

And more…

Do we really need an audit plan?

Of all the interventions Medlinks could possibly bring to your practice, there’s likely none more important than an audit plan that addresses the losses and potential losses associated with audits at your site. In the realm of hospitals and payers these losses number in the many millions. It is crucial to not only have an audit plan but policies, procedures, data analytics, and a process for bringing it all together. This is where Medlinks shines!

What makes your hospital audit defense special?

Medlinks brings a multi-pronged approach to your audit defense. That approach begins with an audit plan, an audit policy, a data analytics tool built and trademarked by Medlinks, and a “boots on the ground” approach where we get on-site, talk to the people that are pertinent to the problem and start to eliminate your losses.

How does the process work?

Medlinks will start with a site assessment. Whether that information be gathered remotely or on-site Medlinks will do an assessment of your current audit practices and how those practices may be improved. The most common theme seen is a compartmentalization of auditing. In other words, many sites don’t consider keeping all their audit data in one analytical location. Medlinks Healthcare Audit Tracker tracks defense audits, government and commercial audits, DRG, coding and billing, and even internal reviews for self-compliance. This fully encompassing process lets you know from one source where your risks and your losses are occurring.

How long does it take?

Auditing and audit losses, and in fact the entire industry of healthcare auditing is based on motivation. Payers are motivated to audit especially at sites that do not have an aggressive defense plan. How long it takes to eliminate denials and audit losses will depend on several key factors. These will be your own sites motivation to stop these losses, your site’s ability to effectively communicate, and the depth at which you allow Medlinks to operate within your facility with departments such as administration, contracting, and your managing directors.

Will you agree with everything I say?

Like a healthcare practice has a style and a rhythm so do many facilities. Medlinks as well has a style and a rhythm to our audit philosophy and while flexible we feel as though we’re the experts in healthcare auditing and its many nuances. One thing we can all agree on at the end of the day is that a solid approach to audit defense will contain, and reduce, or eliminate your losses.

How do you price your services?

Medlinks has listed starting prices on our homepage but pricing of a facilities true needs takes an assessment. If the needs are small we may set a small stipend along with a per audit fee. If your needs are many we would determine the number of individuals and time required, usually based on the dollar amount of the bill and an extremely small percentage of that bill as our fee.

Are you worth the money?

Compared to the losses you will incur in audits and the potential loss in compliance, we are an absolute bargain! Medlinks can provide you with reports (free of their PHI) from locations where we have nearly eliminated their losses which began in the millions per year.

Will I sign a nondisclosure agreement?

Yes. Medlinks developed the Healthcare Audit Tracker in 2011. This cloud-based tool is a proprietary tool that you will either use at your site or we will use at your site. Medlinks also openly and freely shares ideas, processes, documents, and other intellectual property that requires a signed NDA.

Can you send the samples of your work?

Absolutely! Not only can we send you an example reports were happy to demo the Healthcare Audit Tracker and discuss our audit philosophy at your location. We are happy to demo our tool and services online which takes about an hour, or were happy to come on-site. Visit the home page for a copy of our FREE Audit Policy.

Where are you located, and how do you work with clients outside of your local area?

We are in Antioch, California which is about an hour east of San Francisco California. We have worked as far away as North Carolina, and we often do national HEDIS auditing which has taught us the value of VPN, terminal connecting, and national flexibility. Your location is not an issue for Medlinks.

Under what circumstances does it make sense for us to hire you?

If you’re losing any money at your site based on auditing or compliance, Medlinks can reduce or eliminate those losses.

What do we need in order to start?

The answer depends on whether your interest is in the Healthcare Audit Tracker or Medlinks services or both. The Healthcare Audit Tracker simply needs an account created for you and your staff would need to be trained. Medlinks services would require an assessment, a contract, and an on-site visit.

What are your qualifications?

Among our many talents, Medlinks has access to highly qualified medical auditors. Many are nurses, many NCQA and CMAS certified. While we may tout qualifications, our primary goal in hiring auditors is talent! There are plenty of qualified individuals in the world but in our practice, we value talent and auditors who think outside the box. Our job ultimately is the aggressive defense of your hard-earned dollars.

Do you have references?

We certainly do! As you can see by some of our testimonials, and the fact that we’ve been the outsourced audit department for some sites for more than a decade, it is clear to us that in the eyes of our clients we are highly valued.

What’s the origin of Medlinks cost containment name?

In 1997 we began as Medlinks. The origin was intended to show that we were a medical link between the needs in the healthcare community and our ability to meet those needs. In 2001 Medlinks became Medlinks Cost Containment Inc. and at this stage we realized that our value was not so much in the links we could provide but in the “cost-containment” that we were and continue to provide.

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