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Healthcare Audit Tracker

Easily manage audits from the Letter of Intent to Audit (LOI) through adjudication Track all aspects of audit stages from pending to closed and every stage in between Synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook.

    • HIPAA-HITECH Compliant
    • Cloud Based
    • Rich reporting ability. Tracks error rates by department or even by single line item
    • Track RAC and other government compliance audits including attaching the entire medical record
    • Virtual 24/7 Case Management
    • Third Party Appeals
    • Tablet/Smart Phone Compatible
    • Dramatically reduces audit workflow time. Built by auditors for auditors
    • Possible to suggest and add new features based on your needs
    • Simplified audit scheduling with automated process flow and opposing auditor invite and updates

We Help Healthcare Institutions Save Big with Our Powerful Audit Tools & Integrated Auditing Services

Healthcare audits, when managed carefully and strategically, can be an effective way to keep expenses under control. Medlinks Cost Containment has developed a solid reputation for itself as one of the most reputable medical billing auditing companies in the US. With our powerful audit tracking tool and smart auditing practices, we have helped healthcare institutions and payers —stay compliant and save millions of dollars —by bringing clarity to the whole auditing process, allowing them to identify problem areas, and providing appropriate solutions based on their needs. Our auditing services include commercial reviews, DRG, coding and billing, RAC reviews, and more. Losing a lot of money due to auditing or compliance, and need an effective healthcare audit management software, or integrated medical audit services? Look no further than Medlinks Cost Containment.

We Have Access to Some of the Best Medical Auditors in the Business

With numerous ambiguous requests, a lot of healthcare institutions leave the important task of interpreting requests for records to juniors who are usually not qualified to know what they are releasing and to whom, which is indeed very risky. Medlinks Cost Containment has access to some of the best and highly qualified medical auditors in the business. They include nurses, and NCQA and CMA certified professionals. We value talent and have partnered with auditors who have the ability to think out of the box and work actively towards helping our clients save their hard-earned dollars. For some sites, we have also been the “go-to” outsourced auditing department for decades, which is a testimony of the quality of services and solutions that our team of experienced auditors provides. Take advantage of our HealthCare Audit Tracker tool or medical auditing services in the USA, or both to save big and get better control over your expenses

Manage Audits Effectively and Efficiently with Medlinks’ HealthCare Audit Tracker

Build by auditors for auditors, Medlinks’ HealthCare Audit Tracker is an advanced, comprehensive, HIPAA-HITECH compliant, cloud-based, tablet and smartphone compatible auditing workflow tool, designed to allow medical facilities to easily review and manage audits from the Letter of Intent to Audit(LOI)through adjudication. From pending to closed, you can easily track all stages of auditing with this smart tool, 24X7. Designed to dramatically reduce edit workflow, the software seamlessly synchronizes with Outlook and helps in scheduling, uploading bill, and auditing the case with line item findings per case. It also can add addendums and other features. The auditors at your facility can get access to full Charge Description Master (CDM) data to easily track error rates by department or even by single line item, and directly enter revisions for each line item as documented in the medical record. As per your preference, you can sort line items byDepartment, Date, Rev Code, Charge Code, or Unit Cost by description alphabetically, or simply type in what you’re looking for in the “bill description” text box. You can specify a reason for adjustment by choosing reason codes that include but not limited to: Not in Medical Record (O), No Order (NO), and Disputed (D).

Unlike our medical bill auditing services, which require prior assessment, a contract, and an on-site visit by us, in order to be able to use our Healthcare Audit Tracking tool, you simply need an account to get access. The staff needs to get some training on the tool though.

We Help You Stay HEDIS Compliant & Close Care Gaps with Complete Chart Chasing

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) was created by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to gauge how insured patients are being cared for. This is accomplished by collecting and analyzing data and documenting the clinical care offered by you to individual plan members, influenced through programs delivered by the health care plans. In order to ensure compliance, care gaps – the disparity between recommended practices and the care delivered to individuals – must be identified and closed in a time-effective manner. Medlinks offers complete HADIS chart chasing services, including record retrieval, research, abstraction, and over read services to help you stay compliant and close care gaps efficiently.

Effective Denial Management — Don’t Just Minimize Denials, Eliminate Them

An important phase of the healthcare practice revenue cycle, denial management is the process of collecting, tracking, reporting, trending, forecasting, measuring, and managing claims denied for payment by insurance payers. Ineffective denial management can lead to lost revenues: one of the major business risks! It’s critical to ensure you manage denials well so that you do not end up losing a lot of money. For this reason, you need to have an effective auditing strategy in place to keep a check on the different processes of denial management. This is where Medlinks Cost Containment comes into the picture. With our top-notch medical auditing services, we empower you to not just minimize but eliminate denials to improve the bottom line. Our auditing services are targeted towards helping you identify major reasons for revenue loss, find efficient ways for denials tracking and appeal, reduce denial volumes, improve cash collections and patient satisfaction, and increase communication and collaboration between departments.

We Have a Comprehensive Auditing Policy

An audit policy dictates your workflow and parameters and can be invaluable in contract negotiation, payer/provider communication, appeal processes, and the like. Surprisingly, a lot of healthcare institutions have a limited policy in terms of auditing, and in the worst-case scenario, none at all. Medlinks Cost Containment has a comprehensive auditing policy. You can download our “Audit Policy and Procedure” document for free.

Partner with Medlinks Cost Containment for an efficient Audit Tracking System &Integrated Medical Auditing Services

Medlinks Cost Containment provides its clients with a powerful audit tracking system designed for auditing by auditors, not accountants or engineers! Have reports at your fingertips instead of bugging your auditors and never miss another deadline. Our healthcare audit tracking tool can be installed and learned in hours. Partner with Medlinks Cost Containment today for an efficient audit tracking system & integrated medical auditing services in the US.

What our clients say…

Jennifer M., HEDIS Lead

“Medlinks has been extremely helpful in the ease of use of the applications implemented for the HEDIS process. HEDIS auditing is more time efficient with the tools provided. This time efficiency allows auditors the ability to complete work at a faster rate and increases productivity.”

Rolph M., MBA, CEO ITB Global

“ITB Global is a current working partner of Medlinks Inc. Throughout our dealings with Medlinks Inc. we have experienced the highest level of professionalism from the top to bottom. Christopher Baggott CEO, shares his complete knowledge and command of every aspect/service which Medlinks provides. More so, it is 100% clear that Medlinks does not approach client as customers, but as partners with a common goal to achieve. It is rare to find this type of personal/professional attention and dedication from fast paced growing companies like Medlinks Inc.”

Teena A., Director of Operations

“While working for Medlinks I used the Healthcare Audit Tracker every day. As Office Manager and audit scheduler, this tool was one-stop shopping. From scheduling the audit, recording results, down to final reporting to the client, this tool took me out of the world of multiple spreadsheets and into a world of high efficiency.”

Ernie S., Appeal Academy

“I’ve recommended the tool to many of my clients – it’s the first system I’ve seen that can in fact eliminate denials.”

Sharon E., Recovery Analytics

“I was thrilled to find this tool and start using it. I was able to do more auditing and spend less time tracking my work, within just a few days!”

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