Medlinks Staffing Has Some Great Opportunities!

This is an exciting time for Medlinks Staffing, LLC. With new clients in the on-boarding stages we see opportunities in a few venues. As we search for qualified candidates such as MD’s, Nurse Practioners, Insurance Agents, and much, much more we encourage you to SHARE our site with your friends and colleagues. We offer referrals fees both for individual positions and for leads to new employers. You could make thousands […]

Insurer Reviews Are ‘Veiled Audits’; Don’t Always Hand Over Records

Thanks to Report on Medicare Compliance for permission to reprint this article. Recently Christopher Baggott, CEO of Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc. and Medlinks Staffing LLC. was interviewed by the Report on Medicare Compliance on the issue of medical audits. Our discussion highlighted the aggressive defense approach which is taken everyday by Medlinks for their clients. Insurer Reviews Are ‘Veiled Audits’; Don’t Always Hand Over Records When a commercial insurer asked […]

Medlinks Staffing is Paying Referral Bonus for Employer Leads

Medlinks Staffing is offering referral fees to partners who would like to provide employer leads. To get your referral contract contact Medlinks at and express interest in our referral program.

Medlinks Staffing Has Jobs

Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc is proud to announce Medlinks Staffing, LLC. We offer quality staffing nationwide for Healthcare Professionals including clinical, executive, and ancillary. We also staff physicians, NP, PA, and a wide variety of business office, coding, HIM, you name it. We have very satisfied clientele who’ve used us for many years and are now enjoying the use of our staff. Need help? Let Medlinks Staffing Help.

Looking for a Job in Healthcare

Looking for a job in Healthcare for 2016? Medlinks Staffing, LLC., a subsidiary of Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc. has dozens of jobs in California based healthcare. Visit our jobs portal at Medlinks Staffing. Job, healthcare, work, medlinks

The Internal Medical Auditor & Contracting Department

In the last few years of servicing the needs of our clients a theme that comes through strongly is to un-silo departments and get them talking again. One of the big disconnects that we see is between the internal auditor in the contracting department. Our intention in this article is to focus on a few of the aspects and benefits of good solid frequent communication between these two important roles […]

Article from the Report on Medicare Compliance

Many thanks to Nina Youngstrom and AIS Health for the chance to contribute to their magazine. The attached report contains details on commercial payers sweeping rev centers according to CMS rule 2206.8 Report on Medicare Complaince Atlantic Information Services, Inc., publisher of Report on Medicare Compliance,

Looking for a Job in Healthcare?

Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc and Medlinks Staffing has job postings coming available as we now offer Healthcare Staffing services for a major Healthcare Payer and Providers. Please visit our Job Board Healthcare Jobs and look for our new website coming soon. Also watch for postings on Medlinks Staffing Facebook and Twitter pages. It is a joy and honor for us to serve you and the healthcare community. Thanks The […]

The Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist (CDIS)

The Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist (CDIS) The following is an excerpt from The RACToolkit for Hospitals and Health Systems by Elizabeth Lamkin and Amanda Berglund. Published by HC Pro, Inc. Copyright (c) 2011 Elizabeth Lamkin and Amanda Berglund. Available at Amazon. from Chapter 4: Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist While the ACM and PA are typically in the same line of authority, the CDIS may be located in the HIMS department […]

Aetna Response To Argument CMS Rule 2202.6

Many of you are familiar with Aetna’s denial based on CMS rule 2202.6. Here”s a recent response Medlinks provided to one of our clients. ABC Hospital Health System bills according to CMS guidelines and rules with no delineation between payers, either government or commercial. There is no special circumstance billing done that accommodate one payer to another. In the Aetna cases where reimbursement is at contention there are a couple […]