Medlinks Cost Containment Auditing Services

Medlinks Cost Containment Auditing Services

Healthcare Audit Tracker

Easily manage audits from the Letter of Intent to Audit (LOI) through adjudication Track all aspects of audit stages from pending to closed and every stage in between Synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook.

    • HIPAA-HITECH Compliant
    • Cloud Based
    • Rich reporting ability. Tracks error rates by department or even by single line item
    • Track RAC and other government compliance audits including attaching the entire medical record
    • Virtual 24/7 Case Management
    • Third Party Appeals
    • Tablet/Smart Phone Compatible
    • Dramatically reduces audit workflow time. Built by auditors for auditors
    • Possible to suggest and add new features based on your needs
    • Simplified audit scheduling with automated process flow and opposing auditor invite and updates

What if you could eliminate denials instead of just reducing them? This medical audit tracking tool and services will do exactly that.

What our clients say…

Jennifer M., HEDIS Lead

“Medlinks has been extremely helpful in the ease of use of the applications implemented for the HEDIS process. HEDIS auditing is more time efficient with the tools provided. This time efficiency allows auditors the ability to complete work at a faster rate and increases productivity.”

Rolph M., MBA, CEO ITB Global

“ITB Global is a current working partner of Medlinks Inc. Throughout our dealings with Medlinks Inc. we have experienced the highest level of professionalism from the top to bottom. Christopher Baggott CEO, shares his complete knowledge and command of every aspect/service which Medlinks provides. More so, it is 100% clear that Medlinks does not approach client as customers, but as partners with a common goal to achieve. It is rare to find this type of personal/professional attention and dedication from fast paced growing companies like Medlinks Inc.”

Teena A., Director of Operations

“While working for Medlinks I used the Healthcare Audit Tracker every day. As Office Manager and audit scheduler, this tool was one-stop shopping. From scheduling the audit, recording results, down to final reporting to the client, this tool took me out of the world of multiple spreadsheets and into a world of high efficiency.”

Ernie S., Appeal Academy

“I’ve recommended the tool to many of my clients – it’s the first system I’ve seen that can in fact eliminate denials.”

Sharon E., Recovery Analytics

“I was thrilled to find this tool and start using it. I was able to do more auditing and spend less time tracking my work, within just a few days!”

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