As we explored previously in our first article stopping loss can occur. Here’s how it starts:

Identify and consolidate your findings in these areas:

1. Government Audits

2. Commercial Audits

3. Business Office Denials

Most sites will keep these areas separate, choosing to have the Government audits handled by one person, the commercial audits handled by another, and the business office denials handled by a third person or group. This is where your losses start to mount up because while one area is under control the other two may be getting hammered with requests and losses but unconsolidated sites don’t know the difference until someone like us asks for the consolidated losses. This is why audit tracking software is so important. For Healthcare Audit Tracking you want to narrow your number down to one number and that number is your error rate. That is found by comparing total requests minus overbilled plus underbilled. With this number you’ll be able to start to drive down on the error rate and using metrics and an audit committee (next article) you’ll be able to permanently eliminate audit losses.

Medlinks Cost Containment, Inc. provides Healthcare auditing to payers and providers for a better healthcare community.

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