Here are some essential components of a HEDIS improvement that will efficiently and effectively move your numbers:

1. Powerful Analytics – Identifying and stratifying members with gaps in health care is the first step in maximizing scores. Models that predict how likely the member is to close the gap on their own, based on past adherence to care plans and timing of the prior year’s testing, will also maximize your dollars and create a positive experience for your members.

2. Effective Outreach – Reaching the right members, at the right time, in the right way is crucial for strong HEDIS scores and better clinical outcomes. A personalized communications strategy that gains intensity over the course of the year ensures that members close their gaps by the end of the reporting year. For example, Health Dialog’s program utilizes a proprietary consumer segmentation approach and receptivity models to inform our communications.

3. Customizable Program Design – Every plan’s challenges are different and the best programs are able to grow, change and scale as necessary.

4. Education and Support – Having skilled Health Coaches who are available to transfer knowledge, address barriers, and promote sustained behavior change is pivotal to ensuring members close their gaps.

5. Detailed Reporting – Regular status checks and updates are crucial to ensuring the program is targeting the appropriate members, performing consistent activity, and most importantly, successfully closing gaps health care.

Choose Medlinks HEDIS as your next HEDIS Vendor. We have developed a proprietary SaaS cloud based workflow tool to give us the ability to provide a 99% retrieval record guaranteed to pass your audit.

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