Consolidating your Facilities Audit Losses

In my recent article “your audit losses begin in medical records” I discussed the role of the release of information officer in the dramatic impact that they can have upon audit losses. In this series we want to more deeply delve into how to consolidate your audit...
Eliminating Audit Denials

Eliminating Audit Denials

Your Audit Losses – Step One Of all the sites I’ve ever consulted for there is always the same pattern and posture with auditing. Some are better than others but all have divided the audit losses into generally three categories. 1. Business Office Denials 2....

Medica Once in a Lifetime Policy

Once in a Lifetime Procedures Summary This policy limits the frequency of reimbursement for certain identified procedures to once in the patient’s lifetime. Once in a Lifetime Procedures, by the nature of their description, can be performed only once in a patient’s...
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