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Cost Containment

Whether it be through smart policy writing, the rich reporting from our Healthcare Audit Tracker, or our “boots on the ground” approach to solving problems, Medlinks primary goal at your site is healthcare cost containment Read More


In the world of cost compliance it’s easy to think of and focus on areas where cost-containment is the easiest. The biggest potential cost-containment however lies in the area of compliance Read More

Cloud Based

In healthcare today, in the world today, if your solutions are not in the cloud they’re likely not keeping up with the pace of the industry. Medlinks trademarked Healthcare Audit Tracker is the cloud-based solution available Read More

Robust Reporting

The only way to discover losses in an audit venue is with reporting. The Healthcare Audit Tracker combined with the philosophy and practices at Medlinks have uncovered problems and issues that in some cases have Read More

Audit Outsourcing

In today’s world of the electronic health record it is completely possible to entirely outsource your auditing department. In fact, Medlinks has been the outsourced auditing firm for several of our clients for over a decade Read More

Improved Workflow

In the world of auditing from the letter of intent (LOI) to adjudication everyone pretty much shares the same workflow. By using the Healthcare Audit Tracker this workflow is dramatically improved. Read More

Healthcare Audit Tracker

Easily manage audits from the Letter of Intent to Audit (LOI) through adjudication Track all aspects of audit stages from pending to closed and every stage in between Synchronizes seamlessly with Outlook.

  • HIPAA-HITECH Compliant
  • Cloud Based
  • Rich reporting ability. Tracks error rates by department or even by single line item
  • Track RAC and other government compliance audits including attaching the entire medical record
  • Virtual 24/7 Case Management
  • Third Party Appeals
  • Tablet/Smart Phone Compatible
  • Dramatically reduces audit workflow time. Built by auditors for auditors
  • Possible to suggest and add new features based on your needs
  • Simplified audit scheduling with automated process flow and opposing auditor invite and updates

Medlinks™ offers all types of medical audit, virtual 24/7 case management, trauma abstraction, and a wide variety of revenue cycle solutions.

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Our Healthcare CO-OP

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